Island Lake Cat Skiing, a First Time Female Perspective: Part 1

I am new to cat skiing. In fact, this is my first experience outside of the ski resorts. Currently, I live in Nelson, British Columbia and have a pass at Whitewater Ski Resort, which has allowed me to really challenge my skiing ability.

When my close friend called to see if I was interested in coming on a trip to Island Lake Lodge to go cat skiing, I had mix emotions.

First, I was a bit excited (since I have seen all his photos from past expeditions), then I immediately had a feeling of panic with a touch of concern. How am I going to be able to do this? Is it safe? Will I be embarrassed? Is he crazy? All legit questions for any girl being “dragged” on an adventure.

I have seen the photos of people jumping off cliffs and racing thru trees… all of which are NOT appealing at all. However, I sure love the soft gentle powder.

So I responded to his cat skiing invitation with a Yes! Inside I knew I needed to do my homework and start probing to make sure I could really keep up with the boys, so-to- speak.

One thing I did was inquire at Whitewater Ski Resort, as I had heard they have a backcountry/heli training course to get an introduction to the backcountry.

I ended up taking the course at Whitewater Ski Resort and it really got my confidence up. In addition, I went online to the Island Lake Cat Skiing Website to see what information the website could provide.

The lodge looked good and the information wasn’t too intimidating. I was less panicked, but still a bit anxious for the 2 weeks leading up to this trip.

Updated: April 22, 2019 — 3:11 am

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